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Blood transfusion is one of the greatest medical interventions use for the treatment and management of sick people. It is needed to treat anaemia especially sickle cell anaemia as many people with sickle cell disease are blood transfusion dependants. Sickle cell disease is most common with black people and because ethnicity can play important part in blood transfusion, blood donation from donors with same ethnic background gives the best match and outcomes in the long term

PathLab is committed to promoting blood donation awareness especially among black and minority ethnic communities in the UK.

The greatest weapon against sickle cell disease is Prevention.  Prevention is better that cure. Many people are still unaware about sickle cell disease. To break the sickle cell circuit, more efforts still need to be put into sickle cell awareness campaign and education.

Intending couples should get tested and know their phenotype status. Any couple at risk, should go for genetic counselling and consider available options to prevent sickle cell disease. PathLab creates, supports and actively involves in sickle cell awareness events in the UK and Africa.

Sick children feel isolated and unhappy while on hospital admissions unlike healthy children. PathLab has put smiles of the faces of these sick children since 2013 through hospital visits and donation of gift items

Mental health problems are common and experienced by up to one in four of the UK population. Some mental health problems can be prevented through awareness campaign and managed through confidential counselling and psychotherapy.